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Partnerships in Action: University–School–Community

Patti Silbert, Roshan Galvaan, and Jonathan Clark, eds.
Partnerships in Action: University–School–Community
ISBN: 978-0-7969-2469-8
2018/253 pages
Distributed for HSRC Press
"Compelling and thought provoking, this book makes an enormous contribution to the literature on community engaged scholarship and school-university partnerships. In particular, the collaborative approach to engaged scholarship is one I have seldom seen articulated so clearly and with such authenticity." —Janice McMillan, University of Cape Town Global Citizenship Program

"The reflections on the interdisciplinary collaboration between, on the one hand, the students from different disciplinary backgrounds and, on the other, the students and the school communities offer significant new theoretical and practical insights into collaborative community development practice." —Judy Favish, University of Cape Town Institutional Planning (2003–2016)


Within the context of extreme social inequality, Partnerships in Action explores a range of  university-school-community partnerships in South Africa. The authors' rich and dynamic accounts of interdisciplinary collaboration show not only how schooling can be improved, but also progress made toward achieving social justice.


Patti Silbert is project manager in the Schools Development Unit at the University of Cape Town (UCT). Roshan Galvaan is professor in the Department of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at  UCT. Jonathan Clark is director of the Schools Development Unit at UCT.


  • Foreword—Crain Soudien.
  • Activating Partnerships: The Schools Improvement Initiative at the University of Cape Town—P. Silbert, J. Clark, and F. Parker.
  • Setting the Scene: Schooling in Khayelitsha—J. Clark.
  • A Snapshot of a Partner Primary School: Intshayelelo Primary—J. Clark and M. Mbobo.
  • A Snapshot of a Partner Secondary School: Usasazo High—P. Silbert and P. Barnes.
  • Reimagining Interdisciplinary Collaboration Through a University–School Partnership—P. Silbert and R. Galvaan.
  • Policy Ideas Distilled Through a University–District Partnership: Lessons from the iKwezi Lead Teacher Project—S. Meyer et al.
  • Building Organizational Capacity Through a Principals' Community of Practice—J. Wylie and P. Silbert.
  • Critical Occupational Therapy in the Margins: Parent Participation in Under-Resourced Schools—L. Peters and R. Galvaan.
  • Introducing Microteaching as a Developmental Tool for Library Assistants in Under-Resourced School Libraries—P. Silbert and C. Bitso.
  • New Possibilities for Supporting Homework Practices Through a University–School Partnership—R. Galvaan and P. Silbert.
  • Facilitating Social Inclusion Through Communication: How Do Speech- and Language-Therapy Students Negotiate Their Transition into Community Practice?—K. Abrahams et al.
  • Rethinking Approaches to Occupational Therapy Intervention: Learning in and from an Under-Resourced School—P. Gretschel et al.
  • Partnerships in Action: Establishing a Model of Collaborative Support for Student and Mentor Teachers Through a University–School Partnership—P. Silbert and C. Verbeek.
  • Reflections on Community Engagement Through Interdisciplinary Collaboration for the Purpose of Whole-School Improvement—P. Silvert et al.
  • Enlarged Thinking and Asymmetrical Reciprocity in an Ethics of Engagement: A Reflection on University–School Partnerships—P. Christie.