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Patrice Lumumba

compiled by Leo Zeilig
Patrice Lumumba
ISBN: 978-0-7969-2425-4
2014/199 pages
Voices of Liberation
Distributed for HSRC Press

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This book is part of a unique series that presents the reader with the original writings and relevant source texts of liberation heroes of Africa, together with a coherent contextual framework and analysis of their legacy.


  • Introduction.
  • Lumumba's Early Life.
  • Plunder and Pillage.
  • Colonial Contradictions.
  • Léopoldville: Growing Radicalisml
  • Towards Independence.
  • Building the Party.
  • Detention and Round Tables.
  • Political Elimination.
  • Independence: 30 June 1960.
  • Class and Ethnicity.
  • Real Independence?
  • The UN in the Congo.
  • An Unlikely Revolutionary.
  • Tshombe and Kalonji's Fiefdom
  • External Forces.
  • The Fall of Lumumba.
  • Assassination.
  • United States' Interests in the Region.
  • Moderate Pan-Africanism and False Friends.
  • Speech at the Accra Conference.
  • Speech at Léopoldville.
  • From Prison to the Round Table.
  • Speech at Accra.
  • Independence Day Speech.
  • Speech at Stanleyville.
  • Address to the Soldiers of Stanleyville.
  • Speech at Léopoldville.
  • Press Conference at Léopoldville.
  • Speech Opening the Pan-African Conference at Léopoldville.
  • National Radio Broadcast.
  • Speech at Session of Parliament: The Affair of Russia.
  • Lumumba's Last Recorded Message.
  • Congo, My Country.
  • Three Letters from President Nkrumah to Patrice Lumumba.
  • The Undertaking by Jean-Paul Sartre.
  • Lumumba's Death: Could We Do Otherwise? By Frantz Fanon.
  • Poem by Sabarsantoso Anantaguna.
  • "Children of Violence": An Interview with Juliana Lumumba.
  • Anti-Imperialism and Resistance in the Congo: An Interview with Ludo de Witte.
  • After Lumumba: Congo’s Recent History.
  • Postscript.