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Peacemaking and Democratization in the Western Hemisphere

Tommie Sue Montgomery, editor
ISBN: 978-1-57454-045-1
2000/334 pages
Distributed for the North-South Center Press


This is the first comprehensive study of the multilateral political, electoral, and military peacemaking and peace-building missions in Latin America and the Caribbean. The authors cover electoral-observation missions in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico, as well as diplomatic/military missions in Nicaragua and along the Peru-Ecuador border. Also included are essays by UN officials on the current state and likely future of international missions. The book represents collaborative research sponsored by the North-South Center and funded by the Ford Foundation and United States Institute of Peace.


Tommie Sue Montgomery is an executive recruiter based in Toronto, specializing in higher education and nonprofit organizations.


  • Preface—T. S. Montgomery and J.M. Forman.
  • Introduction: International Missions and the Promotion of Peace and Democracy—A. de Soto.
  • Overview—A. Arago-Lagergren.
  • ONUVEN: Toward a Model for Electoral Observation—S. McConnell.
  • Observing Elections in the Dominican Republic—R. Espinal.
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Observing Elections in El Salvador—T.S. Montgomery.
  • Electoral Observation: The 1995 Presidential Election in Haiti—C. Granderson.
  • The UN in Mexico: The 1994 Presidential Elections—R. Benitez Manaut.
  • Overview—S. Baranyi.
  • Under the Best of Circumstances: ONUSAL and Challenges of Verification and Institution Building in El Salvador—W. Stanley and D. Holiday.
  • Beyond the Mountains, More Mountains: Demobilizing the Haitian Army—J.M. Forman.
  • Between Two Worlds: The UN in Guatemala—S. Jonas.
  • Military Aspects of Peacemaking and Peace Building—V.S. Pardo.
  • Resettling the Contras: The OAS in Nicaragua—J.K. Lincoln and C. Sereseres.
  • Missed Opportunities and Misplaced Nationalism: Continuing Challenges to Multilateral Peacekeeping Efforts in the Peru-Ecuador Border Conflict—D.S. Palmer.
  • Peacekeeping in the Upper Cenepa Valley: A Regional Response to Crisis—G.R. Weidner.
  • Scenarios for Multilateral Approaches to Political Transitions—B. Antonini.