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Political Islam and Democracy in the Muslim World

Paul Kubicek
Political Islam and Democracy in the Muslim World
ISBN: 978-1-62637-252-8
ISBN: 978-1-62637-539-0
2015/349 pages/LC: 2015000923
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"Interesting, well researched, and satisfyingly comparative.... A welcome addition to studies of contemporary democratization."—Jeffrey Haynes, Democratization

"An innovative analysis of the relationship between Islam and democracy.... This is an important book for students of the Islamic world and of democratization. Highly recommended."—Choice

"A 'must read' on Muslim politics.... Professor Kubicek shows that the examination of Islam and democracy should not be restricted to the Middle East."—Ahmet T. Kuru, San Diego State University


Belying assertions of the incompatibility of Islam and democracy, many Muslim-majority countries are now or have been democratic. Paul Kubicek draws on the experiences of those countries to explore the relationship between political manifestations of Islam and democratic politics.

Kubicek's comparative analysis allows him to highlight the common features that create conditions amenable to democratic development in Muslim-majority countries—and to show how actors in Muslim democracies in fact draw on concepts within Islam to contribute to democratization.


Paul Kubicek is professor of political science at Oakland University. He has published extensively on issues of democratization, and he is also editor of the journal Turkish Studies.


  • Islam and Democracy: Exploring the Relationship.
  • Turkey: Democracy and the Dynamics of Secularism.
  • Malaysia: Islam and Nationalism in a Semidemocratic State.
  • Pakistan: Democracy After Islamization?
  • Bangladesh: Politicized Islam in a Debilitated Democracy.
  • Mali: A Least-Likely Case of Democratization.
  • Indonesia: Democratization amid Competing Visions of Islam.
  • Senegal: Sufi Brotherhoods, Secularism, and Gradual Democratization.
  • The Arab Spring and Muslim Democracy: Looking Back, Looking Forward.
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