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Population Growth and Environmental Degradation in Africa

Ezekiel Kalipeni, editor
ISBN: 978-1-55587-512-1
1994/236 pages/LC: 94-2569


Population growth and environmental degradation are becoming increasingly important, and intertwined, issues in Southern Africa. The authors of this book warn that unless population growth is forestalled, the number of people in the region is likely to double in less than thirty years—placing enormous pressures on available farmland, job creation, shelter, educational systems, public services, and the environment.

The authors document the varied facets of Southern Africa's population and environmental problems, using both structuralist and neo-Malthusian approaches. They focus on the implications of these problems for development policy, the economy, rural-urban migration, the stability of the region, and access to resources by traditionally marginalized groups, particularly women.


Ezekiel Kalipeni is visiting assistant professor of geography at Colgate University and coordinator of the university's African Studies Program.


  • Southern Africa's Expanding Population—E. Kalipeni.
  • Population Growth and Environmental Degradation in Malawi—E. Kalipeni.
  • Population, the Environment, and Resources in Zimbabwe—D.S. Tevera.
  • Women, Work, and Public Policy: Structural Adjustment and the Informal Sector in Zimbabwe—M.J. Osirim.
  • Dust to Diamonds: The Relationships Among Water, Population, and Livestock in Botswana—R.P. Morris, Jr., P. Jones, and C. Lackman.
  • Female-Headed Households, Private Transfer Entitlements, and Drought Relief in Rural Botswana—T.R. Valentine.
  • Rural-Urban Migration and Urbanization in Zambia During the Colonial and Postcolonial Periods—N.J. Mijere and A. Chilivumbo.
  • Securing the Future: Environmental Issues as a Priority in South Africa—A. Schonfeld.