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Population and Environment in China

Qu Geping and Li Jinchang
ISBN: 978-1-55587-435-3
1994/218 pages/LC: 93-40821

"Represents the state of the art of China's environmental research."—Population Studies

"Two prominent Chinese environment officials disclose in minute, candid detail the intense degradation that has been—and continues to be—suffered by each sector of the country's environment, placing its use and abuse into fascinating historical perspective."—Environment

"Qu and Li cover and analyze their two topics with an impressive level of knowledge and insight. Their pointed commentary and clearcut solutions are refreshing and logical."—Journal of Environment and Development


Professors Qu and Li incorporate the results of historical research, current analysis, and forecasting to discuss the relationship between human population and the environment in China. Proposing ways that the PRC can move from vicious to positive cycles, they offer creative recommendations for overcoming the current crisis and promoting development.

A valuable scientific basis for China's policy decisions, the book is also an important reference for other nations, international organizations, and research institutes seeking to solve population and environmental problems.


Qu Geping is professor at Peking, Tsinghua, Tongji, Wuhan, and Nanjing universities and at the People's University of China. He is also chair of the Environmental Protection Committee of the Chinese National Peoples Congress. He was previously ad- ministrator of China's National Environmental Protection Agency. The first Chinese representative to UNEP, Dr. Qu has held numerous distinguished positions, including secretary-general of the Chinese Environmental Science Society, vice-secretary-general and director of the Research Center for Policies on the Environment and Economy, and vice-director of China's Council for International Cooperation on the Environment and Development. Among his publications are Chinese Environmental Problems, Strategies: China's Environmental Management, and China's Environment and Development. He has won UNEP's Gold Prize and the UN Sasakawa International Environment Prize. Li Jinchang is adviser to the Chinese National Environmental Protection Agency, first deputy director of the Contemporary Environmental and Economic Policy Research Center, and a member of the standing committee of China's Environmental Science Society. He is also professor at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the People's University of China, and Chongqing University. He has served as China's deputy representative to UNEP. His publications include China's Resources and Environment, Theory on Natural Resources Accounting, and Theory on Resource Industry.


  • Introduction.
  • Population and Environmental Crises.
  • Population and Environmental Issues Throughout China's History.
  • Population and Environmental Issues in Contemporary China.
  • Population and Land Availability.
  • Population and Forest Resources.
  • Population and Grassland Resources.
  • Population and Mineral Resources.
  • Population and Water Resources.
  • Population and Energy Resources.
  • Population and the Living Environment.
  • Population Levels and Environmental Affairs: A Comprehensive Analysis.
  • Controlling Population to Protect the Environment.
  • From Survival to Sustained Development.
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