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Poverty and Inequality: Diagnosis, Prognosis, Responses

Crain Soudien, Vasu Reddy, and Ingrid Woolard, editors
Poverty and Inequality: Diagnosis, Prognosis, Responses
ISBN: 978-0-7969-2442-1
2019/326 pages
State of the Nation
Distributed for HSRC Press
"A rich and timely contribution to a national reflection on the establishment and quality of [South Africa's] democratic nation state."— Alec Irwin, former South African Minister of Public Enterprises


Can the interconnected problems of poverty and inequality in South Africa be explained in ways that are distinctive from those that apply in other contexts and countries? How can efforts to solve these problems fruitfully move forward? Is taxation on wealth the answer?

Addressing these and related questions, the authors provide a textured understanding of the multiple issues involved.


Crain Soudien is the CEO of the Human Sciences Research Council. Ingrid Woolard is professor and dean of the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences at Stellenbosch University. Vasu Reddy is vice chancellor for research and internationalization at the University of the Free State.


Foreword—Alec Erwin.
South Africa 2018: The State of the Discussion on Poverty and Inequality—the Editors.
South African Inequalities in a Global Perspective—G. Therborn.
Poverty and Inequality: South Africa in a Continental Context—J. Seekings.
South Africa and the Struggle for International Equality—M. Schoeman.
Post-Apartheid Inequality and the Long Shadow of History—C. Bundy.
Poverty and Rights: Philosophical, Historical, and Jurisprudential Perspectives—U. Kistner et al.
Realizing Socioeconomic Rights: A Reconceptualized Constitutional Dialogue—N. Bohler-Muller et al.
"Accounting" For Migrants in Inequality and the Future: The Distance to Openness—T. Masilela et al.
Wealth Taxation as an Instrument to Reduce Wealth Inequality in South Africa—S. Mbewe et al.
Tradition Meets Modernity: Bafokeng Approaches to Overcoming Poverty and Inequality—G. Hagg and N. Pophiwa.
Indebtedness and Aspiration in South Africa—D. James.
The National Development Plan as a Response to Poverty and Inequality in South Africa—R. Moletsane and V. Reddy.
Upgrading Informal Trading: Impacts on Livelihoods and Cohesion in Khayelitsha—V. Barolsky et al.
Abstract Human Right or Material Practice? Academic Freedom in an Unequal Society—J. Higgins.
Beyond the Campus Gate: Higher Education and Place-Based Development in South Africa—L. Bank and G. Kruss.
Poverty and Inequality: A Preliminary Postscript—the Editors.