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Power and Succession in Arab Monarchies: A Reference Guide

Joseph A. Kéchichian
Power and Succession in Arab Monarchies: A Reference Guide
ISBN: 978-1-58826-556-2
ISBN: 978-1-58826-995-9
2008/555 pages/LC: 2007026717
“An excellent place to begin a search for a better understanding of what in the Western world is an anachronism, modern Arab monarchies.”—David E. Long, Middle East Policy

“Kéchichian offers a nuanced, well-structured, and meticulous assessment. His eye for detail is second only to his sharp and balanced appraisal.”—P.R. Kumaraswamy, Middle East Quarterly

“By far the most comprehensive source book on Middle East monarchies to date. Shot through with new insights and nuggets of previously unavailable information, [it is] a resource that scholars will gratefully mine for many years to come.”—Steffen Hertog, Middle East Journal

“A succinct yet comprehensive overview of the monarchies of the Arab world.... An extensive notes section, a very extensive bibliography, and a thorough index round out this impressive reference work.... Highly recommended.” —Choice


Power and Succession in Arab Monarchies provides an essential compendium of information regarding the politically charged issue of succession in Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Based on scarce source material and a wide range of inside information, this exhaustive reference:

  • traces the rise of each ruling family
  • outlines key constitutional developments
  • provides details on current rulers and their approaches to succession
  • discusses potential contenders to power

The appendixes supply a chronological list of rulers for each monarchy, as well as the text of decrees, private letters, and constitutional provisions related to succession.


Joseph A. Kéchichian's recent publications include Faysal: Saudi Arabia's King for All Seasons and Political Participation and Stability in the Sultanate of Oman.