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Problem-Oriented Policing: From Innovation to Mainstream

Johannes Knutsson, editor
ISBN: 978-1-881798-37-8
ISBN: 978-1-881798-38-5
2003/298 pages
Crime Prevention Studies, Volume 15

A CriminalJusticePress Project

"A remarkable collection of theoretical and evidence-based studies of [problem-oriented policing].... It provides both a thorough sounding of the state of the art in POP and an agenda for future research and practice."—Bryan Kinney and Patricia Brantingham, Police Practice and Research


The ten papers in this anthology discuss how to expand the impact of problem-oriented policing on the everyday worold of policing and crime prevention.


  • Introduction—J. Knutsson.
  • On Further Developing Problem-Oriented Policing: The Most Critical Need, the Major Impediments, and a Proposal—H. Goldstein.
  • Getting The Police to Take Problem-Oriented Policing Seriously—M.S. Scott.
  • Police Problems: The Complexity of Problem Theory, Research and Evaluation—J. Eck.
  • The Sequence of Analysis in Problem Solving—D. Lamm Weisel.
  • The Role of Research and Analysis: Lessons from the Crime Reduction Programme—K. Bullock and N. Tilley.
  • Problem Orientation, Problem Solving and Organizational Change—M. Townsley, S.D. Johnson, and K. Pease.
  • Repeat Victimization: Lessons for Implementing Problem-Oriented Policing—G. Laycock and G. Farrell.
  • Advancing Problem-Oriented Policing: Lessons from Dealing with Drug Markets—R. Sampson
  • Thefts from Cars in Center-City Parking Facilities: A Case Study in Implementing Problem-Oriented Policing—R.V. Clarke and H. Goldstein.