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Prohibiting Chemical and Biological Weapons: Multilateral Regimes and Their Evolution

Alexander Kelle
Prohibiting Chemical and Biological Weapons: Multilateral Regimes and Their Evolution
ISBN: 978-1-58826-965-2
ISBN: 978-1-62637-096-8
2013/287 pages/LC: 2013014680
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"An exceptional application of international-regime analysis  to the array of agreements, and their implementation, that constitute the international controls on chemical and biological weapons."—Marie Isabelle Chevrier, Rutgers University–Camden

"This comprehensive, detailed analysis of the chemical and biological prohibition regimes is essential reading for those seeking to maintain and strengthen the barriers against hostile misuse of the revolutionary advances being made in the life and associated sciences."—Malcolm Dando, University of Bradford


Whether in the arsenals of states or of terrorist groups, chemical and biological weapons (CBW) are increasingly seen as one of the major threats to global security. Alexander Kelle provides a comprehensive assessment of the multilateral prohibition regimes that have been established to confront the risks posed by CBW in the context of rapid scientific and technological advances.


Alexander Kelle is senior policy officer in the Office of Strategy and Policy, Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.


  • Introduction: Institutionalism and the CBW Prohibition Regimes.
  • Chemical and Biological Weapons.
  • The Biological Weapons Prohibition Regime.
  • The Chemical Weapons Prohibition Regime.
  • Export Controls and International Cooperation.
  • Terrorism with Chemical and Biological Weapons.
  • Complementing the Multilateral Conventions.
  • Science, Policy, and Institutional Change.