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Promoting Authoritarianism Abroad

Rachel Vanderhill
Promoting Authoritarianism Abroad
ISBN: 978-1-58826-849-5
ISBN: 978-1-62637-010-4
2012/217 pages/LC: 2012021784
"Offers a refreshing departure by examining authoritarian promotion and how democracy promotion and local conditions impact its effectiveness."—Choice

"Timely and well researched.... Vanderhill deftly examines an issue that has been largely overlooked in the literatures on regime stability and democratization."—Thomas Ambrosio, North Dakota State University

"An important contribution to our understanding of how authoritarian leaders reinforce each other's power and maintain regime stability."—Serhiy Kudelia, Johns Hopkins University


Recent years have seen efforts by several states to promote authoritarianism abroad, garnering the attention of foreign policy analysts—and raising a number of questions. What determines the success or failure of these efforts? How does the relationship between international and domestic politics play out? Do states comply with external pressures for ideological reasons, or primarily to attain material benefits? How does promoting authoritarianism differ from promoting democracy? Addressing these questions, Rachel Vanderhill draws on the experiences of Russia, Venezuela, and Iran to provide an illuminating comparative analysis.


Rachel Vanderhill is assistant professor of government at Wofford College.


  • Promoting Authoritarianism Abroad:  How, When, and Where.
  • Russia in Ukraine and Belarus: Geopolitical Ambitions.
  • Venezuela in Nicaragua and Peru: Chavez's Varying Sphere of Influence?
  • Iran in Lebanon: Seeking Shiite Solidarity.
  • Concluding Thoughts.