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Public Policing in the 21st Century: Issues and Dilemmas in the U.S. and Canada

James F. Hodgson and Catherine Orban, editors
ISBN: 978-1-881798-56-9
2005/267 pages

A CriminalJusticePress Project

"A scholarly but highly readable work.... Anyone studying or working in criminal justice, law enforcement, or private security needs to understand the challenges of providing security while ensuring that civil rights and freedoms are protected. This book offers worthwhile insights on the issue."—Ross L. Johnson, Security Management

"In this book, the authors have revisited perennial problems and viewed conceptual issues from the perspective of the 21st century. invaluable insight into some of the issues now being faced within law enforcement…. I recommend this book without reservation."—Brian Kingshott, Grand Valley State University.


This reader analyzes how U.S. and Canadian police agencies are responding to today's unprecedented challenges, including terrorist threats, school shootings, demands for increased responsiveness to women and minorities, and the policing requirements of the information age.


James F. Hodgson is professor of criminal justice at Virginia State University. Catherine Orban is assistant professor of criminal justice at Grand Valley State University.


  • Introduction—J.F. Hodgson
  • The Challenge To Civil Rights and Liberty in Post-9-11 America—W. Burger
  • Policing in the Information Age: The Evolution of a 21st Century Police Form—R. Stansfield
  • The Role of Physical Security in Perception of Risk and Fear of Terrorist Attacks—S. Mitchell
  • Blue Culture and the Public: Paramilitary Policing Post-September 11th—S.L. Muzzatti
  • The Social Organization of Internet Policing: From Pornography to Terrorism—A. Corb-Cinotti and L. Visano
  • School Shootings and School Terrorist Attacks: Identification, Intervention and Tactical Response—D. Stein
  • Police Advocacy for Battered Women: Are Mandatory Arrest Policies the Pinnacle of Reform—D.S. Kelley
  • Minority Officers Versus White Officers: Theoretical Reappraisal, Recent Literature, and Future Research—I.Y. Sun
  • A Conceptual Analysis of Acceptance and Respect: A Sociological Understanding of Women in the Occupation of Law Enforcement—C. Orban