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Rebuilding North Korea's Economy: Politics and Policy

Phillip H. Park
Rebuilding North Korea's Economy: Politics and Policy
ISBN: 978-89-8421-383-8
ISBN: 978-89-8421-384-5
2016/256 pages/LC: 2016020611
Explorations in Korean Studies
Distributed for the Institute for Far Eastern Studies, Kyungnam University


In this insightful analysis, Phillip Park explores the economic policy choices made by North Korea across some seven decades. His in-depth study, challenging conventional views, sheds important new light on the evolution of the country’s socioeconomic system.


Phillip H. Park is professor of political science and diplomacy at Kyungnam University.


  • The Early Formation of North Korea's Economy.
  • Postwar Development and the Introduction of the Complex System, 1954-1986.
  • Solidifying the Complex System and Dealing with Economic Crisis, 1987-2002. 
  • Economic Development in the Military and Technology Industries, 2003-2010.
  • In Closing: The Next Phase, 2011 and Beyond.
No rights in North or South Korea.