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Reducing Poverty, Building Peace

Coralie Bryant and Christina Kappaz
Reducing Poverty, Building Peace
ISBN: 978-1-56549-205-9
2005/215 pages/LC: 2005006059
A Kumarian Press Book
"Bryant and Kappaz have performed a great service ... by linking the persistence of poverty and the continuing use of force and violence around the world. They also show how these problems and their interaction are taking on new forms and faces in our more globalized circumstances."—Norman Uphoff, Cornell University

"Brings fresh insights and practical guidance to both seasoned professionals and new students of development."—Michael Morfit, Development Alternatives, Inc.

"The authors masterfully explore the many manifestations and consequences of poverty. This book is an excellent addition to the push for a multifaceted approach to the war against poverty, and a must read for those interested in world peace and development."—Chukwuma Obidegwu, World Bank


Coralie Bryant and Christina Kappaz cogently argue that poverty reduction not only is possible, but also can build opportunities for peace. Integrating theoretical concepts with discussions of policies, programs, projects, and the ways that these might be designed and implemented to alleviate poverty, their work is an important contribution to ongoing policy debates.


Coralie Bryant is scholar in residence at American University's School of International Service. Christina Kappaz is an associate at Cimarron Capital Partners.


  • Poverty: The Global Problem.
  • Access to Assets and the Role of Social Exclusion.
  • Policies, Institutions, and Collective Action. Policies, Programs, or Projects?
  • Achieving Results: Strengthening Implementation.
  • Measuring Results, Learning, and Building Capacity.
  • Policy Coherence: Reducing Poverty as Positive Peace Building.