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Reinventing Government for the Twenty-First Century: State Capacity in a Globalizing Society

Dennis A. Rondinelli and G. Shabbir Cheema, editors
Reinventing Government for the Twenty-First Century: State Capacity in a Globalizing Society
ISBN: 978-1-56549-178-6
2003/270 pages/LC: 2003013323
A Kumarian Press Book

"Full of innovative ideas, this volume stands out as exceptionally well informed, lucid, and measured. A most useful reading for all those concerned with the role of the state in the era of globalization."—Adam Przeworski, New York University

"An excellent and coherent series of readings that provide both conceptual models and practical lessons relating to the dynamic opportunities and challenges of building the capacities for a competent state in an era of globalization."—Moses N. Kiggundu, Carleton University

"Shows how well-established but easily forgotten findings of traditional development administration are merging with experimental and innovative programs as governments mobilize to deal with globalization, to re-invent themselves, and to address massive domestic injustice."—John D. Montgomery, Harvard University


The authors of Reinventing Government for the Twenty-First Century meld theory with practice to offer sound advice for public leaders and administrators who seek to create the structures and processes needed to increase state capacity and benefit from participation in an increasingly integrated and interdependent world.


The late Dennis A. Rondinelli was senior research scholar at Duke University's Center for International Development. G. Shabbir Cheema is senior fellow at the East West Center.


  • Foreword—Vincente Fox.
  • Reinventing Government for the Twenty-First Century.
  • Globalization and the Role of the State: Challenges and Perspectives—G. Bertucci and A. Alberti.
  • Promoting National Competitiveness in a Globalizing Economy: The State's Changing Roles—D.A. Rondinelli.
  • Making Globalization and Liberalization Work for People: Analytical Perspectives—M.R. Agosín and D.E. Bloom.
  • Pro-Poor Policies for Development—H.A. Pasha.
  • Strengthening the Integrity of Government: Combating Corruption Through Accountability and Transparency—G.S. Cheema.
  • Mobilizing the State's Financial Resources for Development—S.N. Shende.
  • Building Social Capital Through Civic Engagement—K. Malik and S. Waglé.
  • Creating and Applying Knowledge, Innovation, and Technology—J. Sisk.
  • Strengthening Local Governance Capacity for Participation—J-M. Kauzya.
  • Decentralizing Governance: Participation and Partnership in Service Delivery to the Poor—R. Work.
  • Partnering for Development: Government-Private Sector Cooperation in Service Provision—D.A. Rondinelli.
  • The Competent State: Governance and Adminsitration in an Era of Globalization—D.A. Rondinelli and G.S. Cheema.