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Religion and Politics on the World Stage: An IR Approach

Lynda K. Barrow
Religion and Politics on the World Stage: An IR Approach
ISBN: 978-1-62637-908-4
ISBN: 978-1-62637-910-7
ISBN: 978-1-62637-979-4
2021/325 pages/LC: 2020031869


The premise of this new text is straightforward: Religion matters in world politics. Therefore, to comprehend the world around us, we need to understand how and why religion matters, analyze the interaction in a systematic way, and have a framework in which to fit facts and events that we cannot yet anticipate. The goal of Religion and Politics on the World Stage is to provide the information and tools necessary to accomplish those tasks.
Designed with undergraduate students in mind, the book:
• Explains theories, trends, assumptions, and situations in an accessible way.
• Consistently applies an international relations framework.
• Presents individual, state, and global levels of analysis.

The vignettes that open each chapter, depicting key aspects of the nexus between religion and world politics, quickly engage readers and serve as compelling entryways into discussions of broader issues.


Lynda K. Barrow is professor of political science at Coe College.


  • Setting the Stage.
  • Religion and World Politics: Why It Matters.
  • A Framework for Understanding.
  • International Actors: Religion in a Globalizing World.
  • State Actors: How State-Religion Relations Affect International Relations.
  • Individual Actors: Saints, Sinners, and Secularists.
  • Identity and Ideology.
  • Conflicts: When Is Religion to Blame?
  • Fostering Peace: Can Religion Help?
  • Concluding Thoughts.