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Republicans and the Black Vote

Michael K. Fauntroy
Republicans and the Black Vote
ISBN: 978-1-58826-470-1
ISBN: 978-1-58826-572-2
2007/187 pages/LC: 2006026504

"An illuminating analysis of how the Republican Party has strayed from African American voters and how much ground there is to make up."—Keith Reeves, Political Science Quarterly

"A balanced and nuanced discussion of race-party intersections.... I recommend this book highly.... Consider [it] for undergraduate courses on political parties, race and ethnicity, and electoral politics; for graduate courses and reading lists it dovetails nicely with books like James Reichley's (1992) The Life of the Parties."—Peter W. Wielhouwer, Perspectives on Politics

"A useful, coherent picture of recent Republican activities regarding race."—Choice

"Tackling a topic that has not received nearly as much attention as it merits, Fauntroy's timely work provides a comprehensive overview of the GOP in relationship not only to black voters, but to racial politics writ large."—Linda Faye Williams, University of Maryland

"A comprehensive and much-needed analysis of party identification among African Americans since passage of the 15th and 19th Amendments.... Fauntroy does a great job assessing the obstacles plaguing the Republican Party."—Maurice Mangum, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville


The Republican Party once enjoyed nearly unanimous support among African American voters; today, it can hardly maintain a foothold in the black community. Exploring how and why this shift occurred—as well as recent efforts to reverse it—Michael Fauntroy meticulously navigates the policy choices and political strategies that have driven a wedge between the GOP and its formerly stalwart constituents. 


Michael K. Fauntroy is associate professor of policy and government, as well as director of the Race, Politics, and Policy Center, at George Mason University. His publications include Home Rule or House Rule? Congress and the Erosion of Local Governance in the District of Columbia.


  • Afros and Elephants: An Introduction to a Political Paradox.
  • The GOP's Early Lock on Black Votes.
  • The Republicans Fall Out of Favor.
  • Efforts to Regain and Retain African American Support.
  • Public Policies Speak Louder Than Words.
  • GOP Political Symbolism Angers African Americans.
  • An Ongoing Quest for Black Votes?
  • Epilogue to the 2008 Paperback Edition