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Restorative Justice: Healing the Foundations of Our Everyday Lives, 2nd edition

Dennis Sullivan and Larry Tifft
Restorative Justice: Healing the Foundations of Our Everyday Lives, 2nd edition
ISBN: 978-1-881798-63-7
2005/243 pages
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"An excellent resource in which students [can] examine many of the social structural forces that create and respond to the idea of crime and criminal justice in the world."—Patrick Webb, Critical Criminology

"This book explicates and advocates a truly radical vision for the 'reconstruction of the social order.'"—Walt Chiura, Contemporary Justice Review

"100 percent of what the study of crime should be: an explicitly moral, sometimes painfully personal exploration of harm in all its forms."—Shadd Maruna, British Journal of Criminology

"This is a very good book.... It places the restorative justice debate within the wider socio-economic and spiritual dimensions of life."—Restore


What is restorative justice, and how should it be used to reform our society? Dennis Sullivan and Larry Tifft passionately expound a radical critique of the existing justice system and outline a needs-based restorative justice alternative. They also propose that restorative justice principles be extended far beyond the legal system, to families, schools, workplaces, neighborhoods and other societal institutions.

A wide variety of examples of the needs-based approach are presented, including juvenile justice conferencing, victim-offender mediation, an "inclusion" school in New Jersey, and truth commissions in two dozen nations, among many others.


Dennis Sullivan is the director of the Center for Economic and Restorative Justice and the founding editor of Contemporary Justice Review. Larry Tifft is professor of sociology at Central Michigan University.