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Rethinking Civil-Military Relations in Africa: Beyond the Coup d’État

Moses Khisa and Christopher Day, editors
Rethinking Civil-Military Relations in Africa: Beyond the Coup d’État
ISBN: 978-1-955055-40-6
ISBN: 978-1-955055-46-8
2022/249 pages/LC: 2021055265


Though Africa historically has been the site of countless military coups d’état, civil-military relations across the continent have changed dramatically in recent years. What do these changes say about the military's ongoing role in Africa's political and social institutions? How useful are conventional models for understanding civil-military relations in the African context?

The authors of Rethinking Civil-Military Relations in Africa address these questions, exploring the nature and significance of evolving relationships between political authority, military power, and society.


Moses Khisa is assistant professor of political science in the School of Public and International Affairs at North Carolina State University. Christopher Day is associate professor of political science at the College of Charleston.


  • Rethinking Civil-Military Relations in Africa—C. Day and M. Khisa.
  • Political Legitimacy and Military Interventions—M.O. Aboagye and J.F. Clark.
  • The African Union and the "Good Coup"—E. Damman and C. Day.
  • The "Coup Taboo" and Authoritarian Politics—M. Khisa.
  • African Militaries and Contemporary Warfare—J. Matisek and W. Reno.
  • Military Effectiveness: The African Alternative—J. Matisek.
  • Security Sector Reform and Civil-Military Relations—L.-A. Berg.
  • Beyond the Coup d'État?—E. Damman, C. Day, and M. Khisa