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Rethinking Tourism and Ecotravel, Second Edition

Deborah McLaren
Rethinking Tourism and Ecotravel, Second Edition
ISBN: 978-1-56549-169-4
2003/220 pages/LC: 2003004069
A Kumarian Press Book
"Mass tourism erodes local economies, consumes environments, and propels local people headfirst into a global economy over which they have no influence or control. Deborah McLaren has produced a powerful exposé of the giant tourism industry and provides much-needed advice on alternatives."—Zach Goldsmith, The Ecologist

"As the global justice movement searches for alternative ways to encourage economic opportunities and social cohesion, Deborah McLaren asks us all to rethink tourism, the world's largest industry, and to change it from below. Her message is compelling and her outline for action is clear."—Clay Hubbs, editor, Transitions Abroad


Although it promises great benefits to hosts and guests alike, tourism often has resulted in painful consequences both for local host communities and for the environment. Deborah McLaren explores how communities around the world, especially indigenous peoples, have responded to the challenges and opportunities that tourism and ecotravel bring.


Deborah McLaren is head of Local Flavor, a consulting firm that focuses on strengthening local community networks and developing innovative tourism models. She is former director of Indigenous Tourism Rights International.


  • A Personal Journey.
  • An Overview of Tourism.
  • The Promises of Tourism.
  • Guests and Hosts: Disillusioned with Paradise.
  • Tourism Development in the Local Community.
  • Rethinking Ecotravel.
  • Ecotravel Issues for a New Century.
  • Rethinking Tourism.