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Richard Green in South African Film: Forging Creative New Directions

Keyan G. Tomaselli and Richard Green
Richard Green in South African Film: Forging Creative New Directions
ISBN: 978-1-928246-60-2
ISBN: 978-1-928246-65-7
2023/270 pages
Distributed for Best Red, an imprint of HSRC Press
"This is the first time I ever read an academic tome and felt—yelp—moved, touched, sad, and actually kind of cleansed and re-inspired." —Andrew Worsdale, South African actor, director, and journalist

"This book combines so much useful material in film studies, it easily becomes an absolutely must have for students, directors, historians, theorists, stakeholders, audiences, government agencies, and so much more.... If one must choose just one book about South African cinema, for introductory or advanced scholarship, this one would be it." —Addamms S. Mututa, University of Johannesburg

"The complete history packaged into a single monograph.... [It is] a much-needed guide to the historical and present conversations shaping the field." —Siyasanga M. Tyali, UNISA


Both a history and a critique of South Africa's film industry, this book recounts the long experience of filmmaker and producer Richard Green.

Green's story—especially his work in forging the film initiative New Directions Africa—is emblematic of the struggles, negotiations, and competing ideologies that faced South Africa as it emerged from apartheid. He continues to be an essential part of what is now a burgeoning industry that not only supports the creative work of Africans, but is also seen as having an important role in the nation-building process.


Keyan G. Tomaselli is Distinguished Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Johannesburg and also professor emeritus and UKZN Fellow at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Richard Green is a renowned South African filmmaker and television producer. 


  • Writing the Selves—K.G. Tomaselli.
  • Film, Pay-TV, and the Contradictions of Apartheid, 1985-1990—K.G. Tomaselli.
  • Television, Resistance, and the Contradictions of Ideology—K.G. Tomaselli.
  • The Theory-Practice Interface—R. Green.
  • Negotiating the Transition into Democratic South Africa—R. Green.
  • New Directions: Getting Things Done—R. Green.
  • The Directors on New Directions—R. Green.
  • The Post-Democratic Landscape: The Horror—R. Green.
  • Psychoanalytic Film Theory, Representing Shadow Selves—K. G. Tomaselli.
  • New Horizons/New Directions—K.G. Tomaselli.