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Russia’s Path to the High-Tech Battlespace

Roger N. McDermott
Russia’s Path to the High-Tech Battlespace
ISBN: 978-1-7352752-3-9
ISBN: 978-1-7352752-5-3
2022/470 pages
Distributed for The Jamestown Foundation
"The success of Russia's military modernization efforts should not be assessed solely through a Western lens.... Russia's Path to the High-Tech Battlespace provide[s] the necessary blueprint for complete understanding and assessment." —Charles K. Bartles, Foreign Military Studies Office, Fort Leavenworth 


Roger McDermott traces the origins and trajectory of Moscow's modernization of its armed forces to exploit technology and adopt new approaches to warfare.

Drawing extensively on primary sources, McDermott explores the role of Russian military thought in the modernization process, changes in military decisionmaking, developments stemming from Russian military operations in Syria, and other key factors. The result is a thorough assessment of Moscow’s efforts to transition its conventional armed forces away from dependence on large numbers of personnel toward more extensive exploitation of information in a digitized, high-technology environment.


Roger N. McDermott is senior fellow in Eurasian military studies at The Jamestown Foundation and visiting senior research fellow in the Department of War Studies, King's College, London.


  • Foreword—Charles K. Bartles.
  • Russian Military Thought on the Changing Character of War: Harnessing Technology in the Information Age.
  • The Revolution in Russian Military Decisionmaking.
  • Tracing Russia's Path to Network-Centric Military Capability.
  • Russia's Entry to Sixth-Generation Warfare: The "Non-Contact" Experiment in Syria.
  • The Role of Hypersonic Weapons in Russian Military Strategy.
  • Electronic Warfare in Contemporary Russian Military Thought.
  • Russia's UAVs and UCAVs: ISR and Future Strike Capabilities.