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Security Cooperation in Africa: A Reappraisal

Benedikt Franke
Security Cooperation in Africa: A Reappraisal
ISBN: 978-1-935049-09-8
ISBN: 978-1-62637-120-0
2009/332 pages/LC: 2009009419
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"The first comprehensive study of contemporary security cooperation among African states.... This book goes far toward bringing coherence, synthesis, and direction to [the] field."—Choice

"This seminal book provides a timely and informative insight into the development of the nascent African Union peace and security architecture. It is a must read for all interested in the political, peace, security, and development challenges facing contemporary Africa."—David J. Francis, University of Bradford


In the midst of the atrocities reported in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the seemingly constant strife in the Horn of Africa, and the ongoing violence in Darfur, how do we make sense of the simultaneous increase in interstate security cooperation in Africa? To what extent, and why, does this cooperation differ from previous initiatives? In what direction is it heading? Benedikt Franke assesses the peace and security architecture that is taking shape under the nominal leadership of the African Union, analyzing the emerging structures and trends and also rethinking prevailing notions and theoretical assumptions about interstate security relations.


Benedikt Franke is visiting research fellow at the University of Oxford.


  • Introduction.
  • Theorizing Security Cooperation in Africa.
  • The Early Quest for Continental Security Cooperation.
  • The Devolution of Security Cooperation.
  • The Revival of Continental Security Cooperation.
  • The Peace Operations of the African Union.
  • The Security Institutions of the African Union.
  • The African Standby Force.
  • The Continental Early Warning System.
  • The Characteristics of Security Cooperation in Africa.
  • The Challenges to Security Cooperation in Africa.
  • Conclusion.