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Sexual Deviance: A Reader

Christopher Hensley and Richard Tewksbury, editors
Sexual Deviance: A Reader
ISBN: 978-1-58826-100-7
ISBN: 978-1-58826-125-0
2002/275 pages/LC: 2002073970
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This comprehensive reader is the first to cover sexual deviance in its many forms, including topics as diverse as abstinence, public sex, sex work, and cybersex. Illustrating pathological, sociological, and "normal" sexual deviance, the editors identify key strands of research within the contemporary literature. Brief introductions to each selection underscore the importance of the essays, chosen for their thematic emphasis and broad classroom appeal


Christopher Hensley is assistant professor of criminal justice at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He is author of Prison Sex: Practice and Policy. Richard Tewksbury is professor of justice administration at the University of Louisville. He is co-editor (with Patricia Gagne) of Deviance and Deviants: An Anthology.


  • Introduction: The Social Construction of Sexual Deviance—the Editors.
  • Bareback Sex, Bug Chasers, and the Gift of Death—D. Gauthier and C.J. Forsyth.
  • The Structuring of Vicarious Sex—C.J. Forsyth.
  • College Virgins: How Men and Women Perceive Their Sexual Status—S. Sprecher and P. Regan.
  • Masturbation Uncovered: Autoeroticism in a Female Prison—C. Hensley, R. Tewksbury, and M. Koscheski.
  • Parade Strippers: A Note on Being Naked in Public—C.J. Forsyth.
  • Motives of Reward Among Men Who Rape—R. Hale.
  • The World According to NAMBLA: Accounting for Deviance—M. DeYoung.
  • The Self-Reported Behaviors of Juvenile Sexual Offenders—S.C. Zolondek, G.G. Abel, W.F. Northey Jr., and A.D. Jordan.
  • Voyeurism: A Criminal Precursor and Diagnostic Indicator to a Much Larger Sexual Predatory Problem in Our Community—J.Davis.
  • "What's a Nice Girl Like You Doing in a Place Like This?": Pathways to a Career in Stripping—N. Sweet and R. Tewksbury.
  • Exposing the "Pretty Woman" Myth: A Qualitative Examination of the Lives of Female Streetwalking Prostitutes—R.L. Dalla.
  • Male Street Hustling: Introduction Processes and Stigma Containment—T.C. Calhoun.
  • Bathhouse Intercourse: Structural and Behavioral Aspects of an Erotic Oasis—R. Tewksbury.
  • S/M Interactions in Semi-Public Settings—C. Moser.
  • Swinging Revisited—A.Bruce and T. Severance.
  • Afterword: Understanding Deviance—the Editors.