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Sexual Violence: Policies, Practices, and Challenges in the United States and Canada

James F. Hodgson and Debra S. Kelley, editors
Sexual Violence: Policies, Practices, and Challenges in the United States and Canada
ISBN: 978-1-881798-54-5
2004/246 pages
A CriminalJusticePress Project


Have recent US and Canadian reforms changed institutional responses to the crime of rape and the treatment of rape victims? Exploring this issue, the authors present multidisciplinary perspectives on the effectiveness of rape law reforms, debates on chemical castration, the policing of sexual violence, cyber rape, the role of sexual assault treatment programs, sexual assault among prisoners, the measurement of rape, Megan's Law and crime control, and sex offender registration.


James F. Hodgson is associate professor of criminal justice at Ferrum College. The late Debra S. Kelley was associate professor of criminal justice at Longwood University.


  • Sexual Violence: Policies, Practices, and Challenges—the Editors.
  • The Measurement of Rape—D.S. Kelley.
  • Biology, Sex, and the Debate over "Chemical Castration"—C.T. Palmer, R. Thornhill, and D.N. DiBari.
  • A Critical Critique of the Cultures of Control: A Case Study of Cyber Rape—L.A. Visano.
  • Sexual Assault Behind Bars: The Forgotten Victims—C. Crawford.
  • Rape Law Reform—F.P. Bernat.
  • Myths of Woman and the Rights of Man: The Politics of Credibility in Canadian Rape Law—M.A. Denike.
  • Psychological Evidence in Sexual Assault Court Cases: The Use of Expert Testimony and Third-Party Records by Trial Court Judges—G. Del Bove and L. Stermac.
  • Reconceptualizing Sexual Assault from an Intractable Social Problem to a Manageable Process of Social Change—K.E. Renner.
  • Law Enforcement’s Response to Sexual Assault: A Comparative Study of Nine Counties in North Carolina—V.B. Lord and G. Rassel.
  • Policing Sexual Violence: A Case Study of Jane Doe v. the Metropolitan Toronto Police—J.F. Hodgson.
  • Assessing the Role of Sexual Assault Programs in Communities—E. O'Sullivan.
  • Megan's Law in California: The CD-Rom and the Changing Nature of Crime Control—S. Cote.
  • Revisiting Megan's Law and Sex Offender Registration: Prevention or Problem—R.E. Freeman-Longo.