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Shattered Vision [a novel]

Rabah Belamri, translated by Hugh A. Harter
Shattered Vision [a novel]
ISBN: 978-0-8419-1258-8
1995/163 pages/LC: 94016236
Distributed for Holmes & Meier Publishers

"A timely reminder of what ordinary people (in Algeria and/or elsewhere) experience when they are caught between the light of hope and the darkness of despair."—World Literature Today

"Hassan’s search to regain his nearly vanished sight [is] a quest that the author handles with grace, distinction and genuine understanding (Belamri himself has been blind since 1962, when he, like his protagonist, was 15)."—Publisher's Weekly

"In its own way, this novel is perfect.... It ranks among the best contemporary novels."—Anne Greet Cushing, University of California


The violence of war leads to the euphoria of Algeria's newly won independence from France—and then quickly deteriorates into a harsh and cynical reality in this brutal yet lyrical autobiographical novel.

Shattered Vision (first published in France as Le regard blesse) was awarded the Prix France Culture in 1987.


Rabah Belamri was born in the Algerian village of Bougaâ in 1946. Now living in Paris, he is the author of widely acclaimed novels, short stories, and poetry. The late Hugh A. Harter was president of Horizons for Learning.