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Situational Crime Prevention: Successful Case Studies, 2nd edition

Ronald V. Clarke, editor
Situational Crime Prevention: Successful Case Studies, 2nd edition
ISBN: 978-0-911577-38-9
1997/357 pages
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"A quality publication.... If you are looking for an in-depth book that deals with case studies, problems, and solutions, this is it."—Lawrence J. Fennelly, Security Management

"[This] is enlightening material and should be read by all those interested in broadening their knowledge of crime prevention."—Roger G. Battie, Security

"This book is a serious challenge to those who believe that only broad-based, state funded mega-projects constitute genuine preventive initiatives."—Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice


Ronald V. Clarke is professor of criminal justice at Rutgers University.


  • Introduction—R.V. Clarke.
  • Steering Column Locks and Motor Vehicle Theft: Evaluations from Three Countries—B. Webb.
  • An Evaluation of Walkway Demolition on a British Housing Estate—B. Poyner.
  • Developing More Effective Strategies for Curbing Prostitution—R. Matthews.
  • Reducing Theft from Shopping Bags in City Center Markets—B. Poyner and B. Webb.
  • Deterring Obscene Phone Callers: The New Jersey Experience—R.V. Clarke.
  • Eliminating Pay Phone Toll Fraud at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan—G. Bichler and R.V. Clarke.
  • Macro Measures Against Crime: The Example of Check Forgeries—J. Knutsson and E. Kuhlhorn.
  • The Economic Benefit of Electronic Article Surveillance—R.L. DiLonardo.
  • The Care of Public Transport in the Netherlands—H. van Andel.
  • Preventing Auto Theft in Commuter Lots: A Bike Patrol in Vancouver—P. Barclay et al.
  • Situational Crime Prevention in Two Parking Facilities—B. Poyner.
  • CCTV in Three British Cities—B. Brown.
  • Reduction of Employee Theft in a Retail Environment: Displacement vs. Diffusion of Benefits—B. Matsuda.
  • Preventing Convenience Store Robbery Through Environmental Design—R.D. Hunter and C.R. Jeffrey.
  • Preventing Repeat Burglary and Car Crime in Huddersfield—D. Anderson and K. Pease.
  • The Crime Reducing Effect of Improved Street Lighting—K. Painter and D.P. Farrington.
  • Operation Identification, or the Power of Publicity?—G. Laycock.
  • Housing Allowances in a Welfare Society: Reducing the Temptation to Cheat—E. Kuhlhorn.
  • Subway Graffiti in New York City: “Gettin’ up” vs. “Meanin’ it and Cleanin’ it”— M. Sloan-Howitt and G.L. Kelling.
  • Refund Fraud in Retail Stores—D. Challinger.
  • Preventing Drunkenness and Violence Around Nightclubs in a Tourist Resort—R. Homel et al.
  • Security by Design on the Washington Metro—N. La Vigne.
  • From the Panopticon to Disney World: The Development of Discipline—C.D. Shearing and P.C. Stenning.