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Situational Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

Richard Wortley and Stephen Smallbone
ISBN: 978-1-881798-60-6
ISBN: 978-1-881798-61-3
2006/270 pages
Crime Prevention Studies, Vol. 19
A CriminalJusticePress Book
"This book is a welcome effort to achieving a rapport between traditionally separate approaches to preventing one of society's most hated crimes. A must-read for both behavioural and situational separatists, criminologists and crime-scientists alike."—Paul Kiff, British Society of Criminology

"This book does not pretend to have all the answers... but does present a model that is very useful for anybody working in the area. It . . . should be in the library of all practitioners, researchers and teachers."—Graham D. Glancy, Victims and Offenders


What practical steps can reduce child abuse? The authors of this provocative work argue that child sex offending is strongly influenced by opportunities to offend, and that analyzing the environmental contexts of offending may offer new insights into preventing the behavior.


Richard Wortley is professor of criminology and criminal justice at Griffith University. Stephen Smallbone is professor of criminology and criminal justice at Griffith University.


  • Introduction—the Editors.
  • Applying Situational Principles to Sexual Offenses against Children—R. Wortley and S. Smallbone.
  • Situational and Dispositional Factors in Child Sexual Molestation: A Clinical Perspective—W.L. Marshall, G. A. Serran, and L. E. Marshall.
  • Sex Crimes Against Children: Legislation, Prevention, and Investigation—L.M.J. Simon and K. Zgoba.
  • An Empirically Based Situational Prevention Model for Child Sexual Abuse—K.L. Kaufman, M. Mosher, H. Carter, and L. Estes.
  • Convergence Settings for Non-Predatory "Boy Lovers"—P. Tremblay.
  • The Internet and Abuse Images of Children: Search, Pre-Criminal Situations, and Opportunity—M. Taylor and E. Quayle.
  • Situational Prevention and Child Sex Offenders with an Intellectual Disability—F. Lambrick and W. Glaser.
  • Is Risk Management Enough? Approach and Avoidance Goals in the Treatment of Sex Offenders—L. Eccleston and T. Ward.
  • Strategies Adopted by Sexual Offenders to Involve Children in Sexual Activity—B. Leclerc, J. Carpentier, and J. Proulx.