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Small Armies, Big Cities: Rethinking Urban Warfare

Louise A. Tumchewics, editor
Small Armies, Big Cities: Rethinking Urban Warfare
ISBN: 978-1-955055-30-7
ISBN: 978-1-955055-66-6
2022/329 pages/LC: 2022010046
"An important contribution…. The authors clearly and uniquely broaden our understanding of the complexities of urban warfare." —Andrew Michael Bell, Indiana University Bloomington


"Avoid cities or die within" has been the prevailing attitude in the military when it comes to waging war in urban areas. So why do armies continue to fight there? What tactical advantages do they seek? What pitfalls do they face, and how can they achieve success?

The authors of Small Armies, Big Cities tackle these strategic questions, drawing on a range of cases to explore how today's professional armies can overcome the challenges of—and even find advantages in—conducting urban operations.


Louise A. Tumchewics is senior research fellow at the British Army's Centre for Historical Analysis and Conflict Research.


  • Fighting Wars in Cities—L.A. Tumchewics.
  • Urban Arenas of War—W. Pullan.
  • The Evolution of Urban Warfare—P. Latawski.
  • The Totemic Value of Cities—A. Neads.
  • Operational Advantages and Limitations—L.A. Tumchewics.
  • The Power of "Place"—P. Finnegan.
  • Civil-Military Relations and Ethics—M.S. Wiseman.
  • Influence Operations—S. Tatham.
  • Siege and Intrusive Operations—J.W. Spencer.
  • Drone Warfare—P. Lushenko and J. Hardy.
  • Surrogate Warfare—T.L. Groh.
  • Mass and Maneuvers—L.A. Tumchewics.
  • Conducting Urban Warfare in the Twenty-First Century—A. Graham.