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Small States in World Politics: Explaining Foreign Policy Behavior

Jeanne A.K. Hey, editor
Small States in World Politics: Explaining Foreign Policy Behavior
ISBN: 978-1-55587-920-4
ISBN: 978-1-55587-943-3
ISBN: 978-1-62637-936-7
2003/230 pages/LC: 2002031722

"Any scholar or student of small state foreign policy will want to read this book." —Michael T. Snarr, Wilmington College


Have the changes of the past decade made this an easier or a more difficult world for small states as they pursue their foreign policy goals? To understand the foreign policies of small states, are new explanatory factors needed? Does the concept of the “small state” still have utility at all? Small States in World Politics addresses these questions, deftly analyzing the impact of new economic and political realities. Offering empirical richness within a consistent theoretical framework, the authors provide a comprehensive examination of small state foreign policy.


Jeanne A.K. Hey is professor of political science and director of international studies at Miami University, Ohio. She is coeditor of Foreign Policy Analysis: Continuity and Change in Its Second Generation and author of Theories of Dependent Foreign Policy and the Case of Ecuador.


  • Introducing Small State Foreign Policy—J.A.K. Hey.
  • Paraguay: From the Stronato to the Democratic Transition—F.O. Mora.
  • The English-Speaking Caribbean: A Triad of Foreign Policies—J. Braveboy-Wagner.
  • Panama: A "Hegemonized" Foreign Policy—P. Sanchez.
  • Luxembourg: Where Small Works (And Wealthy Doesn’t Hurt)—J.A.K. Hey.
  • Austria: The Burdens of History—P. Luif.
  • Gambia: The Military and Foreign Policy—A. Saine.
  • Jordan: The Politics of Alliance and Foreign Policy—C.R. Ryan.
  • Laos: Maintaining Power in a Highly Charged Region—Z. Abuza.
  • Refining Our Understanding of Small State Foreign Policy—J.A.K. Hey.