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South Korea’s New Nationalism: The End of “One Korea”?

Emma Campbell
South Korea’s New Nationalism: The End of “One Korea”?
ISBN: 978-1-62637-420-1
ISBN: 978-1-62637-562-8
2016/228 pages/LC: 2015038592
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"Campbell's analysis of the evolution of South Korean nationalism offers insights for scholars not only of Korean studies but of nationalism in the developing world and of globalization."—Mi-son Kim, Journal of East Asian Studies

"Offers provocative views and insightful analysis of an evolving Korean nationalism. .... Campbell ... successfully challenges the dominant assumption of ethnic nationalism in South Korea, presenting the new concept of 'globalized cultural nationalism.' I strongly recommend this book to scholars who study the culture and politics of youth in neoliberal societies, as well as those who study the citizenship issues of North Korean migrants in South Korea."—Jaehoon Bae, Korean Studies

"Campbell deftly weaves the narratives of her subjects with the wider theoretical literature on nationalism and identity.... A great read."—Andrew I. Yeo, Catholic University of America

"An important contribution to the literature on nationalism and contemporary Korean studies."—Nora Kim, University of Mary Washington


Why have traditional views of national identity in South Korea—views that for years drove a demand for reunification—been challenged so dramatically in recent years? What explains the growing ambivalence and even antagonism of South Korean young people toward unification with North Korea? Emma Campbell addresses these related puzzles, exploring the emergence of a new kind of nationalism in South Korea and considering what this development means for the country’s future.


Emma Campbell is visiting fellow at the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, College of Asia and the Pacific, Australian National University.


  • Nationalism in South Korea.
  • South Korea's Nationalist Student Movement.
  • Changing Attitudes to Unification.
  • New Nationalist Attitudes in Action.
  • Globalization and Nation Building.
  • The Impact of Globalization on National Identity.
  • The Demise of an Ethnic Identity.
  • Nationalism and Korea's Future.