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Soviet Blitzkrieg: The Battle for White Russia, 1944

Walter S. Dunn, Jr.
Soviet Blitzkrieg: The Battle for White Russia, 1944
ISBN: 978-1-55587-880-1
ISBN: 978-1-62637-976-3
ISBN: 978-1-62637-499-7
2021/252 pages/LC: 99-36041
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Originally published in hardcover in 2000.
"A well-researched and vividly told story, both entertaining and informative, as well as containing excellent lessons for any professional officer." —Col William D. Bushnell USMC (Ret.), ARMOR

"Dunn's latest work affords the student of World War II military science proof that this phase of the closing days of the war in the East is as worthy of study as the brilliant German victories in 1941 and 1942.” —John Shawkins, Journal of Military History

"Undoubtedly the best synthesis of Operation Bagration from both Soviet and German perspectives.... Highly recommended for those interested in the Russian front, and especially for wargamers and others who want detailed OB and TOE material." —Stone & Stone


Walter Dunn's book narrates the details of a battle on the Eastern Front that was perhaps the largest of all time and certainly one of the most significant of World War II. Nearly three million Soviet and German soldiers participated in a campaign in which Soviet forces advanced 275 kilometers in two weeks over bad roads and marshy terrain, destroying 50 German divisions and capturing 50,000 German troops—an event celebrated by marching the prisoners of war ignominiously through the streets of Moscow. Hitler would never again have the wherewithal to launch a major offensive in the east.

As Soviet Blitzkrieg shows so vividly, by the summer of 1944 the Red Army had mastered the German style of warfare and was capable of turning the tables on the Germans. Using recently declassified Soviet Orders of Battle and his own monumental files of German and Soviet unit histories, Dunn traces each of the Blitzkrieg offensives from the initial breakthrough to stalemate.


The late Walter S. Dunn, Jr., wrote extensively on World War II. His numerous publications include Hitler’s Nemesis: The Red Army 1930-1945 and Kursk: Hitler’s Gamble, 1943.


  • The Strategic Position.
  • Comparison of German and Soviet Units.
  • Rebuilding the Red Army and the German Army.
  • The Production Battle.
  • The Northern Shoulder.
  • Vitebsk.
  • Bogushevsk.
  • Orsha.
  • Mogilev.
  • Bobruysk.
  • The Southern Shoulder.
  • Conclusion.