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State and Islam in Baathist Syria: Confrontation or Co-optation?

Line Khatib, Raphaël Lefèvre, and Jawad Qureshi
State and Islam in Baathist Syria: Confrontation or Co-optation?
ISBN: 978-0-9568732-0-0
2012/108 pages
St Andrews Papers on Contemporary Syria
Distributed for the University of St Andrews Centre for Syrian Studies


What techniques has the Syrian state under Bashar al-Assad used to control the possibility of opposition from Syria's Islamic sphere? Addressing this question, the authors of State and Islam in Baathist Syria explore the troubled relations between the regime and the remnants of the Muslim Brotherhood after the 1982 repression, consider the impact of the proliferation of Islamic charities and schools, and examine the discourses of the Damascus 'ulama during the current uprising.


Line Khatib is conducting research at McGill University, Raphaël Lefèvre at Cambridge University, and Jawad Qureshi at the University of Chicago.


  • Foreword: State and Islam Under Bashar al-Assad—Raymond Hinnebusch.
  • Hama and Beyond: Regime-Muslim Brotherhood Relations since 1982—R. Lefèvre.
  • Islamic Revival and the Promotion of Moderate Islam from Above—L. Khatib.
  • The Discourses of the Damascene Sunni 'Ulama During the Revolution—J. Qureshi.