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Sustainable Capitalism: A Matter of Common Sense

John Ikerd
Sustainable Capitalism: A Matter of Common Sense
ISBN: 978-1-56549-206-6
2005/211 pages/LC: 2005011698
A Kumarian Press Book
"John Ikerd combines insights from philosophy, psychology, ecology, sociology, and economics to question many of our current free-market assumptions and to make a case for employing common sense to build a more sustainable future for our plant."—Fred Kirschenmann, University of Iowa

"A seminal contribution to the concept of sustainability."—J. Paul Mueller, North Carolina State University

"John Ikerd has shown an uncanny ability to address the questions that need to be answered—now. This is a must-read book for students, teachers, and policymakers who strive for a framework to ensure economic sustainability and intergeneration equity."—E. Ann Clark, University of Guelph


John Ikerd's Sustainable Capitalism is both a penetrating critique of capitalism and a powerful argument for its vast and untapped potential for maximizing human welfare.


John Ikerd is professor emeritus of agricultural and applied economics at the University of Missouri, Columbia.


  • The Neglected Principles of Economics.
  • The Pursuit of Enlightened Self-Interests.
  • The Challenge of Sustainable Development.
  • The Inadequacies of Ecological Economics.
  • Economics as a Life Science.
  • Managing the Sustainable Organization.
  • The Three Economies of Sustainability.
  • Managing the Moral Economy.
  • Managing the Public Economy.
  • Managing the Private Economy.
  • A Closing Commentary on Sustainable Capitalism.