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Syrian Foreign Policy and the United States: From Bush to Obama

Raymond Hinnebusch, Marwan J. Kabalan, Bassma Kodmani, and David Lesch
Syrian Foreign Policy and the United States: From Bush to Obama
ISBN: 978-0-9559687-5-4
2009/55 pages
St Andrews Papers on Contemporary Syria
Distributed for the University of St Andrews Centre for Syrian Studies

"Offer[s] important insights into the formation of Syrian foreign policy."—Amr Al-Azm, Review of Middle East Studies


Exploring the evolution of Syrian foreign policy under President Bashar al-Assad, this concise volume focuses on Syria’s relationship with the United States. The authors consider the enduring determinants of Syrian policy, as well as such key issues as the country’s involvement in Lebanon and its stance vis-à-vis the war in Iraq. They also assess the personal role of President al-Assad and the impact of external forces on internal reforms.


Raymond Hinnebusch is professor of international relations and Middle East politics at the University of St Andrews. Marwan J. Kabalan is lecturer in political science at the Center for Strategic Studies and Research at Damascus University. Bassma Kodmani is director of the Arab Reform Initiative at College de France. David Lesch is professor of history at Trinity University.


  • Foreword—R. Hinnebusch
  • Syria Under Bashar: Between Economic Reform and Nationalist Realpolitik—R. Hinnebusch.
  • Syrian Foreign Policy: Between Domestic Needs and the External Environment—M.J. Kabalan.
  • The Role of Bashar al-Assad in Syrian Foreign Policy—D. Lesch.
  • Inching Out of Isolation: Managing a Different Relationship with Syria—B. Kodmani.