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Taiwan: The Development of an Asian Tiger

Hans Stockton and Yao-Yuan Yeh, eds.
Taiwan: The Development of an Asian Tiger
ISBN: 978-1-62637-834-6
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$95.00 $47.50
2020/247 pages/LC: 2019013164
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"Does much more than chronicle political events.... Provides very relevant information about the international, economic, and social contexts of Taiwanese politics." —André Laliberté, Pacific Affairs

"This book reminds us of the long road Taiwan took—enduring many years of social and political repression—to become the wealthy exemplar of representative governance we see today.... The authors masterfully unpack the nuanced causal mechanisms behind this development journey in a very readable fashion." —Marc Marmino, Asian Affairs


How did Taiwan transform itself from a "least developed country" into an Asian Tiger? How did it become a successful, multiparty democracy after years of authoritarian rule? Why do its relations with China and the US remain critical?

The authors address these questions as they assess Taiwan's trajectory since 1949 in the political, economic, and social spheres. They also consider the challenges the country faces as it seeks to maintain its status and sustain growth despite internal struggles, rising tensions with Beijing, and declining international diplomatic recognition.


Hans Stockton is director of the Center for International Studies, founding director for the Taiwan and East Asia Studies Program, and Cullen Trust for Higher Education Faye Sarofim Chair in International Studies at the University of St. Thomas. Yao-Yuan Yeh is assistant professor of international studies and assistant coordinator of the Taiwan and East Asia Studies Program in the Center for International Studies at the University of St. Thomas.


  • The Development of an Asian Tiger—the Editors.
  • From Authoritarianism to Democracy—S. Rigger.
  • Evolution of a Global Economic Power—C-P. Li.
  • The Trajectory of Taiwan-US Relations—D.V. Hickey.
  • Politics in the Tsai Ing-wen Era—K. Templeman.
  • Social Issues and Social Policy—C-H. Wang and D. L-C.Weng.
  • Political Cleavage and Generational Politics—T.Y. Wang and S-F. Cheng.
  • The New Southbound Policy—K. Ho, C. Clark, and A.C.Tan.
  • The Dynamics of Cross-Strait Relations—W-C. Lee.
  • International Law and Institutions—J. deLisle.
  • Beyond Regime Consolidations—the Editors.