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The Armies of East Asia: China, Taiwan, Japan, and the Koreas

Dennis Van Vranken Hickey
The Armies of East Asia: China, Taiwan, Japan, and the Koreas
ISBN: 978-1-55587-992-1
2001/273 pages/LC: 00-069041

"This book should be considered a fundamental text for Pentagon planners as they rethink strategy toward Asia in the coming years.... The case chapters are filled with potential comparative insights that suggest fruitful avenues of inquiry for future researchers."—Mary P. Callahan, American Political Science Review

"A useful and ambitious book that deserves a wide audience.... The jargon-free prose provides a balanced, even-handed introduction to the defense policies of Northeast Asia and U.S. security interests in the region."—Andrew Scobell, Journal of Asian Studies

"A good, up-to-date compilation of East Asian military capabilities and security issues."—Choice

"A must read for anyone interested in East Asian security."—Emerson M.S. Niou, Director of the Program in Asian Security Studies, Duke University


This comprehensive study provides a detailed analysis of the military buildup in the East Asian countries: China, Taiwan, Japan, and North and South Korea. Hickey assesses the capabilities, strategies, intentions, and performance of each government's military in the context of the potential for regional instability and conflict. In his concluding chapter, he also explores U.S. objectives in the region and examines the implications of recent developments for U.S. foreign policy.


Dennis Van Vranken Hickey is professor of political science at Southwest Missouri State University. His publications include United States–Taiwan Security Ties: From Cold War to Beyond Containment and Taiwan's Security in the Changing International System.


  • Introduction.
  • U.S. Interests and Flashpoints of East Asia.
  • The Japanese Military.
  • The Chinese Military.
  • The Taiwanese Military.
  • The South Korean Military.
  • The North Korean Military.
  • Conclusion.