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The Changing Dynamics of Southeast Asian Politics

Jörn Dosch
The Changing Dynamics of Southeast Asian Politics
ISBN: 978-1-58826-482-4
2006/271 pages/LC: 2006020880

"[A] thought provoking volume.... Well written and tightly argued.... Dosch points to exactly the right direction in which to understand dynamics in Southeast Asia.... His careful selection of themes underpins a text that is rich in empirical research and analysis."—Anthony L. Smith, Contemporary Southeast Asia

"This is a fine volume, distinguished by its intricate knowledge of Southeast Asian politics, careful investigation of a range of often understudied security and economic issues, and grounding in wider studies of regionalism and global trends in political economy."—Christopher Hughes, University of Warwick

"Offers an excellent illustration of the growing nexus between national and international politics in Southeast Asia."—Aim Sinpeng, Journal of East Asian Studies


Focusing on the nexus between global, regional, and national dynamics in Southeast Asia, Jörn Dosch explores the profound political changes that have occurred in recent years both within the region and in its international relations.

Dosch first examines the realm of foreign policy, with an emphasis on the link between democratization and the conduct of foreign affairs. Subsequent chapters consider the origins of insurgencies and terrorism, responses to national and international security threats, and the increasing importance of subregional cooperation. The efforts of the international donor community to promote good governance are highlighted, as is ASEAN's inability to respond to new international challenges. The book concludes with an assessment of the region's current geostrategic position and the new contours of its relations with the US and the countries of Europe and East Asia.


Jörn Dosch is professor of Asia-Pacific Studies at the University of Leeds. He is coauthor of The New Global Politics of the Asia-Pacific.


  • Introduction: Global, Regional, and National Dynamics in Southeast Asian Politics.
  • Making Foreign Policy: The Impact of Democratization.
  • Security and the Challenge of Terrorism.
  • Crossing Cold War Divides: Cooperation in the Mekong Valley.
  • Decentralizing Cambodia: The International Hijacking of National Politics?
  • Rethinking Regionalism: ASEAN and Beyond.
  • Conclusion: The Deepening and Broadening of Political Activity.
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