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The Cuban Way: Capitalism, Communism, and Confrontation

Ana Julia Jatar-Hausmann
The Cuban Way: Capitalism, Communism, and Confrontation
ISBN: 978-1-56549-088-8
1999/161 pages/LC: 98-45117
A Kumarian Press Book
A Choice Outstanding Academic Book

"This book is anything but a polemic tract. It does not preach. I nevertheless found it hard, in reflecting on the insights it awakens, to escape the conclusion that the consequences of [US] ignorance have been tragic. In the course of demonstrating our ineffectiveness we have ... delayed Cuba's political freedom, while at the same time inflicting needless human suffering. Through giving us the facts, this book can be the means of setting in motion a process that leads to more enlightened and realistic policies."—from the foreword by Eliot L. Richardson

"A wonderful book, full of new information, insightful analysis, and a passion for Cuba and its people that will make it an indispensable reference for years to come."—Moisés Naim, Foreign Policy Magazine

"This book is a model of clarity, accessibility, and trenchant argumentation.... The author is that rare person—an economist with a heart."—Jorge I. Dominguez, Harvard University

"[Jatar-Hausmann] offers an important picture of Cuban realities. Whether one agrees or disagrees with her conclusions, The Cuban Way is must reading for anyone serious about debating US policy toward Cuba today."—Bernard Aronson, assistant US secretary of state for inter-American affairs, 1989-1993

"A provocative book on Cuban economic reality and its implications for political change in Cuba and for US-Cuban relations.... The author's foremost contribution is to tell us through judicious use of statistical data and carefully crafted anecdotes how the Cuban economy really works."—Alexander F. Watson, assistant US secretary of state for inter-American affairs, 1993-1997


Combining historical narrative, statistics, and stories of survival behaviors in everyday life, Ana Jatar-Hausmann offers an analysis of economic policies and trends in socialist Cuba at the end of the twentieth century. Her work, incorporating the results of personal interviews with government officials, academics, and average citizens, uniquely illustrates the complexities and dilemmas of a socialist state transitioning to a more open economy.


Ana Julia Jatar-Hausmann is editor-in-chief of El Planeta, Boston’s Spanish-language newspaper. Previously, she was senior fellow at the Inter-American Dialogue.


  • The Same, but Different.
  • Living with Socialism.
  • Socialism or Growth: Cuba in the Golden '80s.
  • The Early ’90s: A Very "Special Period."
  • Hunting for Dollars.
  • Capitalism "a la Cubana."
  • A Portrait of the Self-Employed: Cuba’s Landrafters.
  • Bigger-Is-Better Capitalism.
  • What Comes Next? Ending the Long-Distance Civil War.