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The Ethics of Global Governance

Antonio Franceschet, editor
The Ethics of Global Governance
ISBN: 978-1-58826-651-4
ISBN: 978-1-62637-015-9
2009/205 pages/LC: 2008048409

"Serves up a diverse menu of insights into the ethical dilemmas and implications of a broad range of global governance themes.... Valuable and potentially catalytic."—Halina Ward, International Affairs

"[An] important contribution to the debates that surround global ethics in the post 9/11 international environment.... Informative and interesting."—Seán Malloy, International Studies Review

"An impressive and exciting collection of cutting-edge scholarship that deals with some of the most pressing issues of our times."—R. Claire Snyder, George Mason University


Ethics is treated in this provocative book not as a set of rules, nor as a topic for philosophical discussion, but as an inescapable and necessary aspect of political life.

The authors analyze ethical controversies central to global governance as states and other actors navigate a complex world order. Covering the gamut of fundamental issues—sovereignty, the role of civil society, UN reform, democracy promotion, humanitarian intervention, human security, the global economy, the environment—they offer the reader a deeper understanding of the significance of ethics in the politics of global governance and at the same time provide a fresh perspective on contemporary dilemmas in international relations.


Antonio Franceschet is associate professor of political science at the University of Calgary. He is the author of Kant and Liberal Internationalism: Sovereignty, Justice and Global Reform.


  • Ethics, Politics, and Global Governance—A. Franceschet.
  • Contesting Sovereignty—S.M. Makinda.
  • Liberalism and the Contradictions of Global Civil Society—C. Lynch.
  • Democratic Ethics and UN Reform—D. Archibugi and R. Marchetti.
  • The Ethical Limits of Democracy Promotion—T. Keating.
  • Humanitarianism and the Use of Force—C. Lu.
  • Feminist Ethics and Global Security Governance—F. Robinson.
  • The Ethics of Global Economic Governance—J. Best.
  • Environmental Ethics—R.A. Matthew, H. Goldsworthy, and B. McDonald.
  • Power and Responsibility in the Global Community—C.N. Murphy.
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