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The European Union and the Global South

Fredrik Söderbaum and Patrik Stålgren, editors
The European Union and the Global South
ISBN: 978-1-58826-301-8
2009/319 pages/LC: 2009026978

"Should be read by anyone with an interest in the EU's development as a global actor."—Aukje van Loon, Political Studies Review

"This outstanding book provides a comprehensive, comparative analysis of EU foreign policy behavior.... Highly recommended."—Choice

"Adopts an innovative thematic approach with an interesting focus on interregionalism. This is an important contribution to the growing literature on the EU’s role in the world in general, and in North/South relations in particular."—Charlotte Bretherton, Liverpool John Moores University


Choice Outstanding Academic Book!

The development of coherent and effective relations with other regions and countries is one of the most challenging tasks faced by the European Union. This original volume explores the EU’s engagement with the global South, focusing on three controversial policy areas: economic cooperation, development cooperation, and conflict management.
A discussion of the EU’s interregional model—which promotes interaction with regions rather than nation-states—provides a backdrop for case studies of EU policies with regard to Africa, Asia, and Latin America. While disclosing the tensions and overlaps between the EU’s foreign policies and those of its member states, the authors also highlight an increasing trend toward successful policy coordination.


Fredrik Söderbaum is associate professor in the School of Global Studies at Göteborg University. Among his numerous publications are Theories of New Regionalism and The Political Economy of Regionalism in Southern Africa. Patrik Stålgren is research fellow in the Department of Political Science at Göteborg University. He is the author of Transforming International Regimes.


  • The EU and the Global South—the Editors.
  • EU Foreign Policy: The Interregional Model—B. Hettne.
  • EU Policies Toward the Global South—S. Grimm.
  • From Lomé to Economic Partnership Agreements in Africa—M. Farrell.
  • The Ups and Downs of Interregionalism in Latin America—S. Santander.
  • A Move Toward Hybrid Interregionalism in Asia—M. Farrell.
  • The Limits to Interregional Development Cooperation in Africa—F. Söderbaum and P. Stålgren.
  • The Nature of Interregional Development Cooperation in Latin America—A. Haglund Morrissey.
  • Development Cooperation as a Building Block for Interregional Relations in Asia—S. Grimm.
  • Unassertive Interregionalism in the Great Lakes Region—S. Smis and S. Kingah.
  • The Impact of EU Conflict Management in Colombia—P. de Lombaerde et al.
  • Reflections on the EU and the Global South—B. Hettne, F. Söderbaum, and P. Stålgren.