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The European Union and the Member States, 3rd Edition

Eleanor E. Zeff and Ellen B. Pirro, editors
The European Union and the Member States, 3rd Edition
ISBN: 978-1-62637-256-6
ISBN: 978-1-62637-424-9
2015/471 pages/LC: 2015487353
"Invaluable to all specialists, students, and academics working in the field of European studies and international relations."—Wojciech Woźniak, Journal of Contemporary European Studies

"This valuable book offers an impressive 'bottom up' view of the new Europe.... [It] is a coherent and accessible overview of the striking diversity of the European dimension of political life across the member states."—Munroe Eagles, IEUSS Book Reviews

"A rich and timely volume.... The extremely readable efforts to make sense of policy conundrums means the book may be used quite profitably in the classroom, and the very fact that all member states are covered testifies to the project’s considerable comparative breadth."—William M. Downs, The Journal of Politics


Can the European Union survive repeated economic crises? If it survives, will it stay as it is or take on a new form? This new edition of The European Union and the Member States, fully revised and updated, addresses these questions as it explores the complex relationship between the EU and each of its now 28 members.

The country chapters follow a common format, considering: How and in what areas does EU policy affect, and how is it affected by, the member states? What mechanisms do the member states use to implement EU policy? What is each state’s compliance record? Covering the full range of political, economic, and social issues, the authors offer an insightful discussion of the interplay of EU initiatives with strong, existing national policies and traditions.


Eleanor E. Zeff is associate professor emerita of political science at Drake University.


  • Introduction—the Editors.
  • What Is the European Union?—J. McCormick.
  • Germany: Architect of Europe—C. Lankowski.
  • France: Adjustment to the Euro System—C. Deubner.
  • Italy: The Maze of Domestic Concerns—F. Bindi.
  • Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg: Challenging European Integration—K.M. Anderson.
  • The United Kingdom: Reacting to Crises—J. Mather.
  • Ireland: Cranky Rebel or Good Soldier?—R.B. Finnegan.
  • Denmark: Its European Dilemma—M. Wind.
  • THE 1980S.
  • Greece: Austerity and EU Influence—N. Zahariadis.
  • Portugal and Spain: The Limits of Convergence—S. Royo.
  • THE 1990S.
  • Austria: Broadly Pro-European—Z. Kudrna.
  • Sweden: A Non-Euro Member Losing Influence—L.J. Eliasson.
  • Finland: An End to Domestic Consensus?—T. Raunio.
  • THE 2004 ROUND.
  • Poland: A Skillful Player—A. Gruszczak.
  • Hungary: Embracing Euro-Skepticism—T. Novak.
  • The Czech Republic: Finding Its Way—E.E. Zeff, E.B. Pirro, and K. Williams.
  • Slovenia and Slovakia: A Tale of Two States—P. Loedel.
  • Cyprus and Malta: The Impact of Europeanization—R. Pace.
  • Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia: Successful Adaptation—R. Buhr.
  • Romania and Bulgaria: From Laggards to Exceptional Cases—N. Cugleşan and M. Herbel.
  • Croatia: Challenges After EU Accession—V. Vukovic and L. Orešković.
  • The European Union and the Member States: Concluding Thoughts—the Editors.