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The Everlasting Rock [a novel]

Feng Zong-Pu, translated by Aimee Lykes
The Everlasting Rock [a novel]
ISBN: 978-0-89410-781-8
ISBN: 978-0-89410-782-5
1988/186 pages
"Because Feng Zong-Pu is a distinguished Chinese writer, because she lived through China's two-decade nightmare, because she authentically details the disastrous effect of national hysteria on individual lives, and because The Everlasting Rock is a gripping story and a good read, the book's publication ... is both welcome and timely." —Marlene Lee, CALYX

"Fluidly rendered by Lykes, this is an inspiring story about friendship, love, and the ability of the human spirit to hope and somehow survive." —Library Journal

"Wise and brilliantly expressive.... This novel truly mirrors the miseries the Cultural Revolution brought upon the Chinese people; it is historical, emotionally charged, and hued with rich romantic themes." —from the foreword by Chen Su Yen


This political, and darkly romantic novel centers on Mei Puti, a "forty-something" professor of literature, who suffers during the Cultural Revolution because of her heritage as part of the old elite.


Feng Zong-Pu (born in Beijing in 1928, the daughter of Fen Youlan, a major philosopher and historian) is one of the leaders of the pioneering generation of women writers that emerged in China during the 1950s. Feng received a degree in foreign languages from Qinghua University in 1951 and worked as a literary and foreign-languages editor until she retired in 1988 to focus on her writing. Her work has been widely translated, and The Everlasting Rock and several of her other novels and short stories have won national awards in China. Aimee Lykes has studied Asian history and Chinese at Arizona State University, Yale University, and Beijing Normal College.


  • Introduction.
  • Characters in the Novel.
  • The Diagnosis.
  • Hidden Grass.
  • Burning the Manuscripts.
  • The Ward.
  • Under the Knife.
  • Fang Zhi.
  • Encounters in the Night.
  • Spoon Court.
  • An Alliance of Alarm.
  • The East Window.
  • The Recurrence.
  • The Fall.
  • Detention.
  • A Bright Moon.
  • The Departure.
  • The Radiant Rock.