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The Foreign Policies of the Global South: Rethinking Conceptual Frameworks

Jacqueline Anne Braveboy-Wagner
The Foreign Policies of the Global South: Rethinking Conceptual Frameworks
ISBN: 978-1-58826-175-5
2003/221 pages/LC: 2002036828

"This is a theoretically rich examination of the foreign policy strategies and agendas of developing countries.... It fills a gaping hole in the fields of international relations and foreign policy analysis."—Horace A. Bartilow, University of Kentucky

"A timely and challenging book.... an essential resource that will make an important contribution to the scholarly literature for years to come."—Steven W. Hook, Kent State University


Seeking to refocus thinking about the behavior of the global south ("third world") states in international affairs, this book explores contending explanations of global south foreign policy and strategy. The authors draw on both traditional approaches and newer conceptualizations in foreign policy analysis, contributing to the development of an integrated theoretical framework. Examples from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Arab world enrich the analysis.


Jacqueline Anne Braveboy-Wagner is professor of political science at City College of New York and the Graduate School and University Center of the City University of New York. Her numerous publications include Interpreting the Third World, The Caribbean in World Affairs, and Caribbean Diplomacy. She has served as president of the Caribbean Studies Association.


  • The Foreign Policies of the Global South: An Introduction—J.A. Braveboy-Wagner.
  • Assessing Current Conceptual and Empirical Frameworks—J.A. Braveboy-Wagner and M.T. Snarr.
  • Postcoloniality in Global South Foreign Policy—S.N. Grovogui.
  • Reconceptualizing the Global South's Perspective: The End of the Bandung Spirit—R.B. Persaud.
  • Foreign Policy in the Arab World—M.M. Mohamedou.
  • African Foreign Policy: Integrating Political Economy and Decisionmaking Perspectives—P. Adoghame.
  • Latin American Foreign Policies: Incorporating Civil Society Perspectives—A. Serbin.
  • Latin America's Foreign Economic Policies: Toward a Global South Framework—R. Giacalone.
  • Making Room for the Smallest States—J.A. Braveboy-Wagner.
  • Modernization and Foreign Policy: An Alternative Approach to the Global South—H.H. Lentner.
  • In Conclusion—J.A. Braveboy-Wagner.