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The Geopolitics of Global Energy: The New Cost of Plenty

Timothy C. Lehmann, editor
The Geopolitics of Global Energy: The New Cost of Plenty
ISBN: 978-1-62637-433-1
ISBN: 978-1-62637-649-6
2017/283 pages/LC: 2016051699
Advances in International Political Economy
"Timely and important.... This book presents a critical appraisal of the new age of fossil fuel abundance and questions many of its underlying propositions…. It is essential reading for those seeking to make sense of the new geopolitics of global energy."—Michael Bradshaw, University of Warwick

"A fine volume of essays on the current and future challenges that are liable to arise from humanity’s unquenchable thirst for hydrocarbons. This is a book to unsettle the complacent, and well worth the attention of anyone concerned with global politics."—Daniel Moran, editor of Climate Change & National Security and coeditor of Energy Security & Global Politics

"A superb collection of provocative new perspectives on the contemporary energy order."—David S. Painter, Georgetown University


In the all-encompassing energy realm, powerful state and private actors determine which of the world's many energy resources are developed ... and how societies are molded to accommodate those decisions. The authors of The Geopolitics of Global Energy delve into the energy realm, identifying the infrastructure investments of today that are shaping the use patterns and political dependencies of tomorrow. They explore as well, the prospects for change to more sustainable and democratically accountable forms of energy. 


Timothy C. Lehmann is faculty director for the social sciences at Excelsior College.


  • The Geopolitics of Global Energy—T.C. Lehmann.
  • The Changing Geopolitics of Oil and Gas—M.T. Klare.
  • Oil's New Reality—P. LeBillon and G. Bridge.
  • Oil Elites and Transnational Alliances—N. De Graaff.
  • The Scramble for Arctic Oil and Natural Gas—D.H. Claes.
  • The US Energy Complex: The Price of Independence—T.C. Lehmann.
  • China's Resource Drive into the South China Sea—A.S. Erickson and A.M. Strange.
  • Germany’s Transition to Renewable Energy—V. Lauber.
  • Energy Transitions in Japan—A. DeWit.
  • The New Cost of Plenty—T.C. Lehmann.