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The Great Powers in the Middle East, 1919-1939

Uriel Dann, editor
The Great Powers in the Middle East, 1919-1939
ISBN: 978-08419-0875-8
1988/434 pages
Distributed for Holmes & Meier Publishers


Perhaps the most critical period in the development of modern Middle Eastern politics occurred between the two world wars. Britain and France vied for influence and control in the region by making conflicting promises to the leaders of emergent Arab nationalism as well as to those bent on building a Jewish national home in Palestine. With the rise of Hitler, the area took on increased strategic importance of Western democracies.

Here a distinguished roster of international contributors examines the impact of great-power priorities on the region. Together the chapters provide not only a panorama of the way the great powers acted to advance their respective national interests in the Middle East, but how those actions influenced the nations and the issues in the area so that they still hold center stage in world politics today.