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The Immigration Debate: Remaking America

John Isbister
The Immigration Debate: Remaking America
ISBN: 978-1-56549-053-6
1996/262 pages/LC: 95-10519
A Kumarian Press Book
"This well-informed and vigorously researched book provides some of the 'uncommon sense' we need to understand immigration and its consequences.... An original voice, which makes an important contribution to contemporary debates."—Aristide Zolberg, New School University

"Two traits distinguish John Isbister's book from many others on immigration. One, he presents the two sides of the debate on the major economic, political, demographic, and ethical questions about contemporary immigration and two, the logic in the analysis is how do we make it all work.... An intelligent book, humane yet pragmatic, with a strong sense of history and what lies ahead."—Saskia Sassen, Columbia University

"Understanding the phenomena [of immigration] is a necessary prerequisite to wise and effective policymaking. In this balanced and revealing analysis of immigration to the United States, John Isbister makes a valuable contribution to that end."—Ivan L. Head, University of British Columbia

"Isbister's latest work thoughtfully combines both statistical data and empirical evidence and enables our discussions on immigration to be thorough, honest, generous, and productive."—Terry D. Plater, Cornell University


In another breakthrough book, Isbister provides readers with the historical facts and current issues of immigration, allowing the reader to navigate this complex debate. The author analyzes the short and long-term economic, ethical, social and environmental effects of immigration in America.


John Isbister is professor of economics at Ryerson University.


  • Introduction.
  • The Debate.
  • The Background.
  • Today's Immigrants.
  • Why They Come.
  • Projecting the Future.
  • Wages, Employment, and the Public Finances.
  • Long-Run Economic Impacts.
  • Making a Multicultural Society Work.
  • Interests and Ethics in Immigration Policy.