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The Impact of Privatization in the Americas

Melissa H. Birch and Jerry Haar, editors
ISBN: 978-1-57454-054-3
2000/324 pages
Distributed for the North-South Center Press


Privatization, the centerpiece of neoliberal reform policies, reflects the preeminent role of market forces and the diminished role of the state in Latin America's political economy. While it is far too early to evaluate privatization's long-term performance in achieving the objectives of reform, this volume assesses its initial effects and suggests directions for future change. Eight country cases focus on issues of macroeconomic stability and fiscal balance, quality and quantity of supply, employment, wages and productivity, and the promotion of free trade.


Melissa Birch is associate professor and codirector of the Center for International Business at the University of Kansas. Jerry Haar is senior research associate and director of the Inter-American Business and Labor Program of the North-South Center at the University of Miami.


  • Privatization in Latin America: The Challenge of Adjustment—the Editors.
  • Early, Massive, Broad, and Successful Privatizations: The Case of Chile—R. Luders.
  • The Evolution, Rationale, and Impact of Mexico's Privatization Program: A Critical Assessment—M.D. Ramirez.
  • The Argentine Privatization Process and Its Aftermath: Some Preliminary Conclusions—S. Galiani and D. Petrecolla.
  • The Impact of Privatization in Peru—P. Kuczynski.
  • Privatization in the English-Speaking Caribbean: An Assessment—R. Bernal and W. Leslie.
  • The Tortuous Road to Privatization in Venezuela—G. Torres.
  • Privatization in Brazil—J. de Souza.
  • Privatization in Colombia: Competition and Labor Adjustment in the Electricity and Telecommunications Sectors—M. Cardenas.
  • Conclusion—the Editors.