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The Jews of Latin America, 3rd Edition

Judith Laikin Elkin
The Jews of Latin America, 3rd Edition
ISBN: 978-1-58826-896-9
ISBN: 978-1-58826-872-3
ISBN: 978-1-62637-949-7
2014/363 pages/LC: 2013038380
Religion in Politics and Society: Dynamics and Developments
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"An invaluable source of information about the Jews of Latin America."—Randall C. Belinfante, Jewish Book Council

"A fascinating read, valuable for those interested in the history of a specific Jewish community and the larger issues of the continent and of immigration in general. Highly recommended."—Choice

Praise for the previous editions:

"Despite the importance of this migration, no satisfactory scholarly study of Latin American Jews existed until Judith Laikin Elkin published this book.... In brief, she has made a major contribution to Latin American immigrant and social history."—American Historical Review

"The first comprehensive review of its subject, this book provides far more information concerning Latin American Jewish life than ever before available between two covers."—Choice

"Indispensable to any student of Latin American Jewry seeking a broad introduction to a burgeoning field still in its incubation stages (and largely created by the author).... The conceptual insights sprinkled throughout render The Jews of Latin America much more than a utilitarian reference guide."—Journal of Jewish Studies

"A formidable undertaking.... Judith Elkin, however, has managed it all—with grace, insight, and really astonishing erudition."—Commentary


When it was first published in 1980, Judith Laikin Elkin's foundational book on the Jewish communities of Latin America quickly became the standard resource on the topic. This new edition, the first in fifteen years, brings the story up-to-date, incorporating the events of recent decades and reflecting new insights provoked by the changing political, cultural, and economic conditions throughout the region.


Judith Laikin Elkin is founding president of the Latin American Jewish Studies Association.


  • The Jews of Latin America: The Historical Context.
  • Testing the Waters.
  • Immigrant Flood.
  • Refugees, Nativists, and Nazis.
  • Plowing the Pampas.
  • How America Was Made.
  • Life on the Jewish Street.
  • Jewish Demography.
  • The Role of Israel.
  • Argentina: Attraction and Repulsion.
  • Parameters of Success: Cuba and Brazil.
  • Balancing Acts: Mexico, Chile, Venezuela.
  • Challenges for the Twenty-First Century: Zionism, Religion, and Community.