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The Migration Reader: Exploring Politics and Policies

Anthony M. Messina and Gallya Lahav, editors
The Migration Reader: Exploring Politics and Policies
ISBN: 978-1-58826-314-8
ISBN: 978-1-58826-339-1
2005/699 pages/LC: 2005018563
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"A highly enlightening overview of the relevant problems that international migration raises."—Fiorella Dell'Olio, International Migration Review

"This intelligent and comprehensive collection fills a conspicuous void, addressing the major issues raised by international migration. It will work well in both undergraduate and graduate courses."—Gary P. Freeman, University of Texas at Austin


The Migration Reader introduces the key articles and documents that analyze the complex phenomenon of transnational migration and the challenges it poses for contemporary societies, states, and international relations. Enhanced by the editors' commentary, the selections identify concepts and trends in international migration, review the historical origins of contemporary migration and refugee regimes, consider immigration politics and policies, and explore migration in a global context. The result is an intellectual window through which students can better understand the changes occurring in the international environment and in state-society relations within both affluent and less-developed countries.


Anthony M. Messina is John R. Reitmeyer Professor of political science at Trinity College. His most recent book is The Logic and Politics of Postwar Migration to Western Europe. Gallya Lahav is associate professor of political science at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. She is author of Immigration and Politics in the New Europe: Reinventing Borders.


  • Introduction—the Editors.
  • Concepts and Trends.
  • Introduction—the Editors.
  • International Migration: Who, Where, and Why?—Deutsche Bank Research.
  • International Migration Report 2002—United Nations.
  • Approaches to the Study of International Migration.
  • Introduction—the Editors.
  • Theories of International Migration: A Review and Appraisal—D.S. Massey et al..
  • International Migration in Political Perspective—A.R. Zolberg.
  • On International Migration and International Relations—M. Weiner.
  • The Emergence of Immigrant Societies.
  • Introduction—the Editors.
  • Patterns of International Migration Policy: A Diachronic Comparison—A.R. Zolberg.
  • Migration in Modern European History—C. Tilly.
  • Post-World War II Labor Migrations.
  • Introduction—the Editors.
  • Immigrant Labour and Working-Class Politics: The French and British Experience—G. Freeman.
  • Migration, Trade, and the Nation-State—J.F. Hollifield.
  • The Evolution of the Geneva Refugee Regime.
  • Introduction—the Editors.
  • The Evolution of the International Refugee Regime—R. Rogers and E. Copeland.
  • The Palestine Question: Dealing With a Long-Term Refugee Situation—D. Forsythe.
  • Making and Implementing Immigration Policy..
  • Introduction—the Editors.
  • European Immigration Policy: A Comparative Study—T. Hammar.
  • Politics and Ideology in Policy Formulation: The Case of Kuwait—S. Stanton Russell.
  • National and Local Politics and the Development of Immigration Policy in the United States and France: A Comparative Analysis—S. Body-Gendrot and M.A. Schain.
  • The Rise of Nonstate Actors in Migration Regulation in the United States and Europe: Changing the Gatekeepers or Brining Back the State?—G. Lahav.
  • Economic Considerations.
  • Introduction—the Editors.
  • The New Economics of Immigration: Affluent Americans Gain, Poor Americans Lose—G. Borjas.
  • Give Us Your Best, Your Brightest: Immigration Policy Benefits U.S. Society Despite Increasing Problems—S. Moore.
  • A Modest Contribution—The Economist.
  • Demographic Challenges.
  • Introduction—the Editors.
  • Excerpt from Replacement Migration: Is It a Solution to Declining and Ageing Populations?United Nations.
  • Mass Migration to Europe: Demographic Salvation, Essential Labor, or Unwanted Foreigners?—D.A. Coleman.
  • Politics of Resentment.
  • Introduction—the Editors.
  • Patterns in the Making—J. Higham.
  • The New Politics of Resentment: Radical Right-Wing Populist Parties in Western Europe—H. Georg-Betz.
  • Incorporating Immigrants.
  • Introduction—the Editors.
  • Immigration, Citizenship, and the Nation-State in France and Germany—R. Brubaker.
  • The Reevaluation of American Citizenship—P.H. Schuck.
  • The Political Incorporation of Immigrants in Europe: Trends and Implications—A.M. Messina.
  • Challenges to State Sovereignty.
  • Introduction—the Editors.
  • Why Liberal States Accept Unwanted Immigration—C. Joppke.
  • Borders Beyond Control—J. Bhagwati.
  • NAFTA and European Referent: Labor Mobility inEuropean and North American Regional Integration. Asia—M. Miller and B. Stefanova.
  • Migration in a Global Era.
  • Introduction—the Editors.
  • The Mobility Money Can Buy: Human Smuggling and Border Control in the EU—R. Koslowski.
  • The South to North Migration of Women—H. Zlotnik.
  • Foreign Investment: A Neglected Variable—S. Sassen.
  • Extension du domaine de la lutte: International Migration and Security Before and After 11 September 2001—T. Faist
  • Ethical Dilemmas.
  • Introduction—the Editors.
  • Aliens and Citizens: The Case for Open Borders—J.H. Carens.
  • Right Versus Right: Immigration and Refugee Policy in the United States —M.S. Teitelbaum.
  • The Liberal Dilemma in the Ethics of Refugee Policy—C. Boswell.